How to Get Rid of Yellow Citronella Ants in Your Parma Heights, OH House & Garden

Yellow ants or citronella ants are yellow in color and give off a lemon or citrus like odor when they are crushed. Yellow ants will invade homes and even begin nesting inside the walls of buildings. Where yellow ants are not harmful, do not have a stinger and are not known for biting; they can still become a major nuisance in the home. Defense Pest Control Service will share more about yellow ants and how you can protect your home from their invasion.

Yellow Ant Identification

Yellow ants are named for their yellow to yellow brownish coloring. As stated, they also give off a citrus odor when they are crushed. These ants are sometimes also referred to as the “Large Yellow Ant” due to their size. Yellow ant workers can grow between 1/8 to 3/16 of an inch, with the queens easily doubling the workers in size. Yellow ants are found all over America and love hot humid areas with little wind. Yellow ants reproduce during the heat of the summer season where swarmers can be seen throughout June and July. Yellow ants are nocturnal. They forage at night and retreat to the nest during the day. Due to their nightly habits, often their presence goes unnoticed.

Where Do Small Yellow Ants Live?

Yellow ants have a limited diet and mostly feed on honeydew and underground insects. They are not known for invading homes but will still nest inside the walls of homes if they find their way inside. When yellow ants invade a home they are most often found in bathrooms or in decaying wood that has been exposed to water or leaks. In most cases the presence of yellow ants inside the home point to water damage as they like chewing through soft damp wood. When they nest outdoors they will nest in damp soil and dig elaborate tunneling systems that can expand u to three feet in diameter. Yellow ants are not much of a threat but are more of a nuisance. Nonetheless, no one want ants crawling around their home.

Citronella Ant Prevention

If these ants are found nesting in your home it is because of water damage that needs to be repaired. They love hot humid areas. If you find a foraging trail going through your home you can often follow the trail back to the nest. In some cases it may go through the foundation of the home as the nest is actually underground. To prevent the ants from traveling through your home you can seal the holes they are using to enter your residence. Any ant you find inside your home vacuum up, avoid crushing them or you risk stinking up your home. Essentially, to avoid yellow ants you want to avoid wet, damaged wood. By maintaining your home’s plumbing and preventing leaks you can prevent yellow ants. For additional help controlling yellow ants, contact a pest control service. A pest control service can apply insecticide along their foraging trails and points of entry to help keep them outside. Ant bait or traps can also be used to help control a major invasion.

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