How to Keep Mosquitoes Away from Your Yard & Pool in Beachwood, OH; Mosquito Fogging Service & More

Mosquito season begins in mid April and due to Ohio’s climate, it can last until mid to late October. With little rest between the mosquito season, it is important for us to do what we can to prevent mosquitoes from taking over our yard. Mosquitoes possess a threat to both humans and pets. Mosquitoes are well known to transmit various diseases that can be life threatening to humans and animals alike. As mosquitoes are not only annoying and even life threatening, this is why it is important to prevent them. Defense Pest Control Service will share a few tips that can reduce mosquitoes in your yard this mosquito season.

Avoid Standing Water to Prevent Mosquitoes

One of the most effective ways to reduce mosquitoes around your home is by preventing standing water. Water from a puddle, pond, pool, or even unattended debris, draws mosquitoes. After rain, mosquitoes are on high alert looking for puddling water. Mosquitoes require standing water to reproduce. A fertile female lays her eggs in water where her young will safely mature into adults and then leave the water. It can take between 8 to 10 days for a mosquito to become a mature adult. Once mosquitoes reach adulthood, they will live for 2 to 3 days before they die. By preventing puddling water that lasts longer than 8 days, you can help prevent mosquito reproduction and reduce population.

Use Plants & Natural Mosquito Repellents

When outside you can keep mosquitoes at bay using a few well known natural methods. One is to light citronella candles and torches. Candles and torches only have a short radius where it is effective so make sure to keep the candles in the occupied areas. There are a number of plants that also help repel mosquitoes. Some flowering plants give off an odor that is offensive to mosquitoes. Some of the best plants to repel mosquitoes are Horsemint, Ageratum, Marigolds, and catnip. These plants can help keep mosquitoes and even wasps, bees and other yard pests away from your yard. Another beneficial way to prevent mosquitoes is by keeping the grass short. Mosquitoes love long grass and therefore are drawn to yards with long uncut grass.

Yellow Light Bulbs Keeps Bugs Away from Porch Light

Another natural way to help reduce mosquito the population around your home is by using yellow light bulbs for your exterior lighting. Mosquitoes and many other pests are drawn to light. Yellow light is less appealing and helps to keep mosquitoes away. Fans are another effective way to keep mosquitoes directly off of you.

Do Mosquito Traps Work?

Lastly you can use mosquito traps to help reduce mosquitoes around your home. During those times you want to spend time outside in your yard, you can have these traps in place to help capture mature mosquitoes. Traps generally catch some mosquitoes but not a significant population that you would necessarily notice a difference

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During Ohio’s mosquito season, you can use the above tips to help reduce mosquitoes around your home. For professional mosquito protection and pest control services, contact Defense Pest Control Service today. We can treat shrubbery, trees and foliage, identify standing water areas, bird baths, flowerpots, ornamental fountains, rain barrels and yes-pools and treat accordingly. Our mosquito fogging services last for up to 30 days!