How to Prevent a Pest Infestation in Your Kitchen in Macedonia, OH; Sealing Home from Bugs & Pests & More

Your home can potentially be invaded at any time of year by pests of all kinds. In an attempt to forage for food and water and find favorable areas for nesting is when most pests wander indoors. Escaping from current weather conditions or escaping predators are other reasons. Despite their fear of humans, no matter the reasons, pests will get into your home if they can. To help prevent pests from stumbling into your home, we at Defense Pest Control Service will list some helpful tips.

Sealing Home from Bugs & Pests

Start from roof to bottom and all around the perimeter on the exterior of your home and perform an inspection. Particularly around the windows, doors, utility pipes, vents, and chimney’s if applicable, check for hole, cracks, and gaps in the walls, roof, and foundation. To prevent the pests from invading, any discoveries need to be properly sealed and repaired, and ventilation and utility pipes should be guarded.

Landscaping to Reduce Bugs & Discourage Rodents & Pests

Remove the clutter after the exterior of the home is secure. As far from the house as possible, the firewood, blocks, bricks, and other consumable products should be neatly organized. To be tightly secured, trash can lids need to be used. Trash cans need to be routinely cleaned. Away from the house, keep trees, shrubs and grand trimmed, hedged and pruned.

Don’t Feed & Water Pests!

Any water available and pet food available 24/7 should actually be avoided. Especially if you like to let fresh air in when the weather is favorable, any window and door screens should be inspected and if worn or damaged should be repaired or replaced if needed. Also, repair any water leaks.

Interior Home Pest Inspection

Move onto the inside of your home once the outdoors of your home has been safeguarded. On the interior of your home, in a like manner perform an inspection. Any leaky faucets and pipes need to be repaired, cracks, gaps, and holes should be sealed, weather stripping replaced if needed.

Remove Clutter & Trash that Attracts Pests

Inside of your home, make sure the trash cans are equipped with lids that can be tightly secured. Remove any clutter such as any fabrics, paper products, and anything else that is piling up in corners and wash the inside of waste baskets routinely. Pests are attracted to the clutter to hide and make nests in addition to even eating.

Clean & Crumbs & Use Bug Free Food Storage Containers

All places where food is kept, including pantry and cupboards, go through the space. Store all your food in sealable containers, clean up the spilt crumbs. Being easily scavenged and contaminated, food packaged in paper, cardboard and flimsy plastic are vulnerable. Also, make sure to store pet food in sealable containers. As mentioned, avoid leaving pet food and water out 24/7 as pests can use that as their food and water source if possible.

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Defense Pest Control Service offers a number of services including routine maintenance pest control. Pests will less likely be spotted invading your abode with regular maintenance and keeping your home protected. To assist in the efforts in keeping your home pest free, our professionals have the expertise and quality products. Contact us today to get started!