How to Prevent Bed Bugs in Parma, OH; Check Luggage & Used Furniture etc for Bed Bug Stains, Shells & Other Signs

It’s no secret that bed bug infestations are on the rise. These invasive pests can leave you miserable if they end up being bought into your home via a piece of used furniture or hitching a ride in your luggage. Any time you purchase second hand upholstery or are staying in a motel or a hotel, you are at risk of these bugs. Many pest control companies are constantly treating hotels for this precise problem. Defense Pest Control Service is here to share some tips to help you avoid a bed bug problem when you find yourself having to travel.

How to Check Hotel Room for Bed Bugs

The biggest thing you can do is check your hotel room for signs of bed bugs that will surely be there if there is a bed bug problem. Following are some helpful steps you can take to ensure bed bugs don’t find their way to your luggage when checking into your hotel.
– Leave the Luggage Out: Before you move right in to your room, leave your luggage out in your vehicle or at the front desk while you check out your room. This way, if there is a bed bug problem, they won’t get to your belongings.
– Check the Bed for Signs of Bed Bugs: You will want to pull back the blankets and sheets on the bed before doing anything else in the hotel room. There are several signs that will lead you to believe there are bugs in the bed including:
-blood spots
-bits of bug exoskeletons
-bed bugs themselves
-smell any musty odor in the room
– Changing Hotel Rooms After Evidence of Bed Bugs: If you do find that there is evidence of bed bugs in your room, you will want a room change. Make sure you aren’t put in a room that is right next door or adjacent to the room with the bed bug problem. There will be a greater risk that they are in those rooms closest to the room with a problem.
– Bed Bug Proof Luggage: Consider ensuring no bed bugs can get to your luggage by packing all of your clothes in sealable bags that bed bugs can’t hide in. You can even put your suitcase in a sealable bag that will keep bed bugs out
– Wash Your Clothes to Kill Bed Bugs: Before you unpack your suitcase when you arrive home, put your clothes straight in the wash and wash them using the highest temperature water. You should also dry them as hot as possible as this will kill any bed bug problem.

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Bed bugs are everyone’s worst nightmare. It can make you feel like you live in filth, even though it really doesn’t have anything to do with cleanliness. Because bed bugs can turn into a full blown infestation fast, it is important that you call on Defense Pest Control Service to help you eradicate any bed bug problem as soon as you see any sign of bed bug activity. Call us today!