Indoor & Outdoor Fly Control

Commercial businesses and residential homes alike in the Greater Cleveland, Ohio area have benefited from Defense Pest Control for years. With Defense Pest Control, including our expert technicians, you will find we are fully insured, licensed and certified to perform authentic and professional pest control services. We uphold a high moral standard, friendly customer services, and supreme pest control to deliver a positive experience to all of our valued customers. With the aid of exclusive professional graded equipment and products, we can guarantee our clients are nothing but satisfied with our efforts.

Fly Infestation

Included in Defense Pest Control’s many services are fly control. Commercial and residential structures are faced with nuisance of flies, especially during the hot summer months. Common flies pestering your home in business are; Blow flies, Cluster flies, Drain flies, Fruit flies, House flies, Phorid flies, and Fungus gnats. Defense Pest Control expertise can not only identify the fly infestation your home or business, but also exterminate them as well as minimize any future outbreaks.

What are Flies Attracted to?

Flies in general are most like infiltrating your home in search of food and shelter. Flies could be a telltale sign of poor sanitation as they are attracted to rotting food and decaying matter. Although not all flies are drawn to the gross side of things, fruit flies for example, favor fruits and veggies. The flies are not vicious fighters; their presence still presents a threat as they are infamous for spreading diseases through either their droppings or regurgitating their food, contaminating the surfaces they trek.

Small House Flies Infestations

House flies are gray in color, bearing four dark stripes on their back. They usually reach approximately ¼” long. House flies have been clocked about five miles per hour, beating their primary pair of wings 200 times per second. Their secondary pair of wings, known as halters, looks more like a pair of drumsticks, and is used for balancing during flight. House flies are prone to sugary liquids and organic waste.

Fruit Flies in Kitchens & Bathrooms

Fruit flies are not only drawn to the sweet deliciousness of fruit and vegetables, but also quite enjoy indulging in wine and beer. Though they are more active in the fall to devour the fall harvest, they are living in doors all year long and not only intruding on residential homes, but will scurry inside grocery stores to get their fill of the fresh fruit and vegetables readily available.

Fly Prevention

With the many flies plaguing Greater Cleveland, Ohio, it is important to practice some preventative habits to help minimize the infestations.
• Empty the trash regularly, especially when there is excessive food waste.
• Keep trash can lids secure.
• Wipe up food and liquid spills immediately.
• Avoid leaving used dishes piled up.
• Sanitize food prepping areas.

House Fly Inspections, Control, Management, Treatment & Removal in Greater Cleveland Area | NE & NW Ohio Including Solon, Akron & Medina OH

Living in the Greater Cleveland, Ohio area is an exceptional challenge for ridding your home completely of the flies that take up residents in your home or business. If you have a fly outbreak, call in the professionals of Defense Pest Control to rid your home of flies and keep the population under control with our regular maintenance program. Call us today to get started!