Nuisance Wildlife Control & Removal Service

Defense Pest Control has been around since 2005, proudly providing residential homes and commercial businesses with superior pest control services throughout Cleveland, Northwest, and Northeast Ohio. Being fully licensed and insured, our experienced pest control technicians have been masterfully trained and are certified pest control specialists. Having exceeded the minimum requirements, credentials and expectations, we have become the leading pest control company locals have come to depend on. Among the many pest control services we offer, nuisance wildlife control and removal is among them.

Common Wild Animals Found in Ohio

There are a multitude of wildlife pests that can inflict the residential homes and commercial businesses alike across Cleveland, Northwest, and Northeast Ohio. With Defense Pest Control, our experts can contain the wildlife that is imposing on your property. Ohio has its fair share of wildlife; most intrusions are rodents. But the common wildlife pests that might inflict your home are: raccoons, skunks, squirrels, opossums, skunks, rats, mice, moles, groundhogs, armadillos, beaver, fox, coyotes, birds, bats, and snakes among others. More often than not, these wildlife pests stick to their natural habitats, but when they infiltrate your property it is generally when food, water, warmth, and security is scarce.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are one of the most common wildlife pests wreaking havoc in Ohio. They are often seen scurrying across power lines and frequently take advantage of residential home’s offerings. They have been known to chew through drywall and wires and if you suspect squirrels are moving into your abode, call Defense Pest Control. Our skilled experts can properly remove the squirrels damaging your Cleveland, Northwest, and Northeast Ohio residential home.

Raccoon Control

Raccoons are very clever and another common wildlife pest that burden residential homes and commercial businesses throughout Cleveland, Northwest, and Northeast Ohio. They learn and adapt very quickly to suburban environments. Raccoons need to be dealt with quickly and removed from your property before they are able to cause damage within your building. In Ohio, raccoons are one of the most destructive wildlife. They are responsible for $2 million a year in insurance claims. They are often the source of damaged ductwork, insulation, and vents and have been known to pass diseases to humans. Defense Pest Control apprehends the bandits and removes them from your home.

How to Get Rid of Bats

Bats have been a rising problem in Cleveland, Northwest, and Northeast Ohio for the past few years. Churches and houses are their most likely inhabitants, but they can be found in any residential home or commercial building that draws them in. Though bats themselves do not necessarily cause damage, their fecal matter, or guano can be. Bat guano can build up relatively quick and with it the acidic compounds and diseases found within can deteriorate surfaces and cause potential health problems. Cost of excessive guano can be horrendous and repairing the surfaces is equally costly to repair. If bats are known to be flying around your attic space, call Defense Pest Control for efficient removal.

Skunk and Opossum Removal

Skunks and opossums are just as big of a nuisance in Cleveland, Northwest, and Northeast Ohio. They can be problematic and skunks especially can be a problem with their pungent defense mechanism. With Defense Pest Control our team of talented professionals can contain and remove skunks and possums from your property.

Nuisance Wildlife Inspections, Control & Removal in the Greater Cleveland Area | NE & NW Ohio Including Solon, Akron & Medina OH

Defense Pest Control is known for our customer satisfaction and with our skillful pest control experts utilizing professional grade equipment, tools, and products wildlife pest control is easily dealt with. Our experts will also share some tips to help minimize the wildlife intrusions on your Cleveland, Northwest, and Northeast Ohio home or business.