Fox, Flying, Red & Gray Squirrel Wildlife Removal

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Squirrel Damage

Squirrels love to live in attics and chimneys. They are most active during mornings and nights; when most people are home and would like to enjoy the quiet. People feel unnerved by the noises of squirrels running above their ceilings or in the eaves, but it is the chewing that is a real problem. Squirrels will chew on wires, ducts and pipes once they have gained entry into your attic, creating a fire hazard and costly damages. Squirrels will damage insulation and bring in outside nesting material. They also leave urine and feces in your attic wherever they please which poses health risks such as salmonella and leptospirosis. Squirells carry parasites such as mites, fleas and ticks which are vectors for disease.

How to Get Rid of Squirrels from Attic, Home & Garden

Defense Pest Control knows the commercial and residential properties across the Cleveland, Northeast, and Northwest Ohio area can easily be influenced with an over population of squirrels. Fox squirrels specifically are running rampant throughout Ohio. Fox squirrels are the larger of the common species found in the area and are more orange in color. Flying squirrels, red squirrels, and gray squirrels are the other species fund locally. Fox squirrels called Ohio home when the dense woodlands were cleared out. No matter what species squirrel is infiltrating your home or business, they can inflict damage foraging for food and savaging for nesting materials.

Fox, Flying, Red & Gray Squirrel Wildlife Removal in the Greater Cleveland Area | NE & NW Ohio Including Solon, Akron & Medina OH

If you spot squirrels in your home or business in Cleveland, Northeast, and Northwest Ohio area, contact Defense Pest Control today. Our technicians can evict the pests before costly damage occurs by their daily habits; as long as you don’t delay.