Raccoon (Procyon Lotor) Wildlife Removal

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Raccoon Identification; What Do Raccoons Look Like?

The raccoon species considered a pest in North America is the procyon lotor. These raccoons are traditionally gray or black with pale grayish coloring underneath. They can also be found colored red or blonde on occasion. Their black bandit masks are rimmed on top and bottom with white. Generally the raccoon’s tails has 4-6 black or dark brown rings on it.

Where Do Raccoons Live & What Do They Eat?

Across the Cleveland, Northeast, and Northwest Ohio area, commercial and residential properties have experienced raccoons as they can be found all over the state. The raccoon population is growing. They are looking for convenient food and water supply and somewhere that can serve as a den. Many raccoons will live in drain tiles and sewer systems. Most locals notice their plumpness, this is because most raccoons will consume nearly anything that resembles food.

Raccoon Damage to Homes & Yards

Raccoons are not pets like cats and dogs. They are wild animals and cause extensive damage in a variety of ways. There is the danger of being bitten or scratched to total destruction of attics and other nesting areas. Raccoons rip apart air ducts, tear up insulation and chew on wires to name a few bad habits. They also defecate where they please which is a biohazard and obviously not healthy for your loved ones.

Raccoon Wildlife Removal in the Greater Cleveland Area | NE & NW Ohio Including Solon, Akron & Medina OH

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