Striped Skunk Removal

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Skunk Facts; Appearance & Habitat

Striped Skunks are the only native species of skunk found in Ohio and have been well known to invade the commercial and residential properties across the Greater Cleveland, Northeast, and Northwest areas of Ohio. Skunks are fairly well known by their black bodies and two distinctive white stripes. They are small in stature and notoriously emit pungent odors when they feel the need, usually when threatened. They have the ability to spray up to 15 feet with amazing accuracy. Striped skunks are generally found in the rural areas of Ohio but can find their way down into the more condensed housing if the need for food or water is great.

Skunk Lawn Damage; How to Stop Skunks Digging Up Grubs, Holes & Tunnels

Skunks are well known to damage property and harm domestic animal populations such as cats and dogs. In rural areas, skunks will feed on poultry and their eggs. In both rural and city areas, they eat garden vegetables and fruit, damage lawns when foraging for grubs and insect. Skunks also damage beehives and often eat adult and larval bees. Skunks dig under foundations and low decks to live beneath homes and other buildings.

Striped Skunk Removal in the Greater Cleveland Area | NE & NW Ohio Including Solon, Akron & Medina OH

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