Stages of a Mosquito Life Cycle from Egg to Adult in Brecksville, OH & How Much Water Do Mosquitoes Need to Breed?

Nothing will ruin a perfectly good meal outdoors like a swarm of mosquitoes. They can seem to materialize out of nowhere, and when they do, watch out. Their blood sucking ways don’t only leave behind an itchy problem, but these pests can also carry many diseases that are dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Today Defense Pest Control Service is here to talk about mosquitoes and their life cycle so you can better understand this pest and hopefully how to keep them away.

How Much Water Do Mosquitoes Need to Breed?

Did you know that depending on the type of mosquito you are dealing with, they will actually lay their eggs differently? It’s true. Some mosquitoes will lay their eggs in water that is only in any one spot temporarily, perhaps from a large rainstorm or improper irrigation, while others will lay their eggs in water that is permanent like a lake or pond. Even more, some mosquitoes prefer to lay their eggs in manmade containers and others natural habitats. No matter where they lay their eggs, they only need a small amount of water and they all will follow the same life cycle.

Life Cycle of Mosquito from Egg to Adult

– Egg: Female mosquitoes will either lay their eggs in large groups or individually, but one thing that is always the same is that they are laid in water. Some eggs will lay dormant until the right water conditions are available for them to hatch, while others will overwinter to hatch in the spring.
– Larvae: The length of the larvae stage depends on the species, but it can last anywhere from 4-14 days. These larvae are still in the water, but they are usually suspended from a tube that is at the surface to give them the air they need to breathe. As they feed and grow, they will shed their exoskeletons four times in this stage.
– Pupal: This is a short stage that lasts anywhere from 1.5 to 4 days. During this stage, they are still growing in the water. They are more physically active and as they feed and grow, they will start to emerge into an adult mosquito.
– Adult: Males usually emerge faster than females, but they wait for the females to come shortly after because mating takes place right away. As many as 1/3 of the mosquitoes that emerge in one day die, so to continue to thrive, breeding must happen quickly. However, if females have enough food to thrive, they can live for up to 5 months before dying while males will die in 6-7 days.

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No matter what the life cycle of a mosquito may be, they are annoying and pose a serious health risk to your loved ones. If you have noticed that you have an exceptionally hard time keeping them under control in your yard you can call on the pest professionals at Defense Pest Control Service to help you get rid of them. We can help you have a mosquito free summer. Call us today!