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pest control in cleveland

Wood Destroying Insect & Pest Inspections in Cleveland Area

We know how important it is to you to keep your family's home clean and free from harmful pests. We treat every home like it was our own to ensure your family and guests have a safe and pest-free environment.

WDI Pest Inspection Services in Greater Cleveland, OH

Throughout the Greater Cleveland, OH area, Defense Pest Control Service provides a number of pest control services for commercial and residential customers in our local community. Our friendly customer service, professional courtesy, and superior results are our standards and often exceed the expectations of our valued customers. Defense Pest Control Service has premium products and equipment that our team of certified, skilled, and trained technicians use to combat pests effectively. With Defense Pest Control Service, you can count on quality every time.

What to Expect from a Pest Inspection
Defense Pest Control Service includes pest inspections in the Greater Cleveland, Ohio area for commercial and residential properties. We offer pest inspections ranging from single-family dwellings and apartment complexes to commercial centers. Whether you are looking to buy a new home, or simply want to know the underlying problems of potential pest infestations, a pest control inspection is necessary. Pest inspections cover the interior and exterior of buildings for evidence of pests. There are many common indicators that suggest there are pests from roaches, carpenter ants, or bed bugs, as well as rodent infestations that will destroy your building and/or pose a serious health risk. Defense Pest Control Service has specialists trained and experienced to find potential threats in your home or business and then has the means to ensure they are effectively treated and eliminated from your home.

Pest Inspections & More in the Greater Cleveland Area
If you are concerned about pests running through your Greater Cleveland, Ohio home or business, or simply want to ensure there is not a serious pest problem in a potential investment, contact Defense Pest Control Service and let our experts do the rest. After a thorough pest inspection we will recommend a custom treatment to best suit your needs.

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