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5 Common Household Pests in the United States

Household pests can be a problem in every home, neighborhood, city, and country. Insects and pests have existed in some form or another since the dawn of time, and they show no signs of disappearing anytime soon. Pests in the home occur in a variety of sizes, forms, and species. Here are five of the most widespread pests that we come across in the United States.

1. Bed bugs

Bed bugs are a pest problem that has surfaced more recently. It can cause infestations in high-end stores, luxury resorts, hotels, well-known gyms, and luxurious houses, not simply in low-income neighborhoods or establishments with regular, limitless visitors.

Bed bugs travel around on clothing, luggage, and purses, and when they can't ride they cram into empty spaces. Their bites resemble mosquito bites, but they leave clear marks on furniture, draperies, rugs, bed linens, and mattresses that indicate they're sharing your space.

2. Rodents

Many people believe rats are worse than mice, but others believe a rodent is a rodent. Neither of them is welcome in anyone's home. Rats can wreak havoc on a home, burrowing through retaining walls and hillsides might cause them to collapse. They chew electrical cables, which can cause a fire. They gnaw through walls and floor joists, causing damage to your home's insulation. Mice, like rats, have similarly destructive feeding and nesting habits and are known to spread disease. Some are so little that they can sneak through cracks and holes that are virtually invisible.

3. Ants

Some ants are so small that they are difficult to see. However, that isn't to say they aren't present. Pharaoh's ants, pavement ants, ghost ants, garden ants, fire ants, carpenter ants, bull or bulldog ants, black house ants, and Argentine ants are some of the ant species found in the United States. They're all nasty, crawly annoyances, while some are destructive.

Covering up food when it's not in use, cleaning up sticky messes, treating nesting spots outside, and sealing visible access openings in the ceiling will all help you keep your home under control and save it.

4. Cockroaches

The mere mention of the name causes shivers, hairs to spring up on the back of your neck, and goosebumps! These are some of the most repulsive, nasty, and loathed creatures and it's not without reason. Allergies, viruses, fungi, roundworms, tapeworms, diarrhea, and food poisoning are diseases spread by cockroaches.

5. Mosquitoes

A species capable of carrying and spreading diseases such as the Zika virus, malaria, and the West Nile virus would seem to have been wiped off the face of the planet. But as appealing as that may be to some of us, mosquitoes play an important role in ecology as the primary food supply for several larger animals. That isn't to say they have a place in and around our houses.

Insect repellents and pesticides, cutting back tall grassy areas, minimizing standing water, and wearing the correct kind of clothing when you're outside to avoid bites are all options that will help you partially control the problem.

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