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Top 8 Ways To Eliminate Spider Pests From Your House

Do you want to know how to get rid of spiders? We realize they aren’t trying to hurt us (most of the time), but it’s difficult to be sensible when their eight legs are dangling all over the place!

If you’re terrified of creepy crawlies or want to keep them from spreading cobwebs, knowing how to keep them out of the house can be helpful. Good news: Today, we’re providing eight easy and efficient remedies for removing spiders from your home.

1. Move the garbage can

Spiders, unlike humans, love flies. Because flies prefer to hang near garbage, bins are like food courts for spiders.

To keep spiders away from your windows and doors, wheel your bins to new locations as far away from your house as possible and keep them closed at all times.

2. Place chestnuts around your home

According to an old wives' tale, chestnuts contain compounds that spiders hate.

Place chestnuts in the corners of your house where spiders are in high traffic. If you can, poke a few holes in them to allow the chemicals to escape. Of course, be careful if you have small children and pets as they could find the chestnuts and try to eat them.

3. Turn off the lights outside

Although light does not attract spiders, it does attract the insects that spiders eat. Therefore, turn off the outdoor lights to keep spiders away from your home. Use opaque blinds and drapes to keep indoor lights from shining through to the outside. Use yellow sodium vapor lights if you must keep the lights on because they are less prone to attract insects.

4. Plant eucalyptus trees

Although you may enjoy the scent of eucalyptus, spiders are known to hate it. To deter them from taking up camp in your home, consider growing eucalyptus as a houseplant or grow them outside.

Eucalyptus trees are a fantastic, all-natural method for getting rid of spiders in the house.

5. Consider getting a cat

Because cats are great hunters, this approach will undoubtedly prevent spiders while also preventing the use of insecticides and chemicals in the home. Due to allergies and lifestyle, cats are not suited for every home, but if you are a cat lover, they are excellent spider repellents.

6. Clean up

Dusting, vacuuming, and decluttering your home daily is the greatest approach to keep spiders at bay.

It’s not the quickest solution, but keeping your home clean on a daily basis will prevent those eight-legged creatures from spinning webs and setting up shop in your home.

7. Protect the exterior of your house

Move anything away from your home that spiders might use to hide away. Leaves, grass clippings, vegetation, compost, or woodpiles are good examples. Check for any cracks that spiders could crawl through in doorways and window sills, then caulk them. Replace any damaged window screens and use fine mesh to cover vents and chimneys.

8. Call Defense Pest Control to stop spiders from taking over your house

If you've tried these methods and more and nothing else has worked, it's time to call in the pest control professionals. A large number of indoor house spiders could suggest the presence of additional pests that the spiders eat.

Contact Defense Pest Control right away if you suspect you have a bigger spider problem. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to manage a spider infestation properly.

For a free pest control consultation, call today!

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