How to Get Rid of Northern Black Widow Spiders in My Independence, OH House & Yard

Throughout the state of Ohio many homes and commercial buildings may become home to black widow spiders. There are five different species of black widow spiders in America, and Ohio is home to two species: the Southern and Northern Black Widow spider. The Northern black widow spider can be tricky to identify because they can vary in color. Defense Pest Control Service would like to share more about Northern black widow spiders and how you can help keep them out of your home or business.

Northern Black Widow Spider Identification

When you think of a black widow spider, we all think about those long outreaching legs, black glossy body with a small head and marble like abdomen. We also think of the red hourglass marking. Where many species of black widow spiders share this trait, the Northern black widow coloring and markings can vary. Some Northern black widows will share the common coloring as other black widow spiders. Yet, they can also have alternate markings and coloring. All black widow spiders share the same body structure. The males are much smaller and don’t have that marble like abdomen. Both female and male Northern black widow spiders can also be all black with a row of red diamond marks going down the top of the abdomen. Some Northern black widow spiders may have a similar red circular row of markings with white or even yellow stripes going down the sides. Northern black widows can have tiger stripe like markings that can vary in color which makes them one of the most diversely colored black widow species.

Bites from Northern Black Widow Spiders

The Northern black widow spider shares the same toxic venom which can be fatal, mostly in small children or the elderly. Bites for black widows are actually rare as they are very timid and usually bite out of defense. Basically, if you stay away from them they will stay away from you. Never go reaching in dark areas as the tend to hide during the day. However when encounters do happen, and bites occur, most people will have pain and discomfort and if needed, medical attention. Bites can be potentially far more dangerous for children who should immediately be taken to the hospital for medical aid.

How to Prevent Black Widow Spider Infestations

Northern black widows do play their role as they help reduce the number of insects and smaller spiders they feed on. However, no one wants to have black widow spiders living in their home, even if they are eating other pests. To control and prevent Northern black widow spiders from invading your home or business, you will want to seal the building up tight. This will not only keep the spiders out but their prey as well. Spiders follow the food. Therefore, if you have a presence of spiders around your home, it’s because they have food. Make sure there are no points of entry for spiders and other insects or bugs. Common places of weakness are windows, doors, and ventilation vents. Additionally, seek out a pest control service that can help apply pesticides and provide additional tips on controlling spiders and other pests around your home.

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