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bee removal in cleveland

Bee Removal in Cleveland & Surrounding Areas

We know how important it is to you to keep your family's home clean and free from harmful pests. We treat every home like it was our own to ensure your family and guests have a safe and pest-free environment.

Bumblebee, Carpenter Bee, Bald-Faced Hornet, European Hornet & Yellow Jacket Wasp Stinging Insect Pest Control

The commercial businesses and residential homes in Ohio have come to rely on Defense Pest Control for many years. Being a reliable and dependable pest control company, Defense Pest Control is fully licensed and insured, and all of our experienced technicians are certified with advanced training in pest control. Included in our entire list of pest control services is treating the stinging insect pests that intrude, mostly on your outdoor activities. Stinging pests include bees, hornets, and wasps.

If you have any stinging insect pests near your NE or NW Ohio residential home or commercial business, call Defense Pest Control. These stinging insects can not only inflict pain to people and pets, but there those who suffer severe allergic reactions and removing them from the grounds is more of a safety issue. Call us today to relieve your stinging pest burden.

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Residential & Commercial Stinging Insect Pest Control

Local Ohio commercial businesses and residential homes can be infested with a number of species amongst stinging insect pests. The more common assailants are; Carpenter Bees, Bumble Bees, Yellow Jackets and Hornets. The good news is when these buzzing pests set up residence on your property, Defense Pest Control is ready. Keep our contact information in your smart phone for quick and convenient response.

How to Get Rid of Bumblebees

Bumblebees are large as far as bees go, with very hairy bodies making them appear fuzzy. Bumblebees are generally black and yellow, but they can also be orange and red. Bumblebees have special compartments on their hind legs for storing the collected pollen. Females have the stingers, and their bodies come more to a point, where the males have rounder abdomens and are without a stinger. Bumblebees prefer to build their nests in dry places that offer protection. The nests can be found in below ground cavities, at ground level, or just above ground level. Bumblebees rarely sting and are usually more docile. They will sting if they are touched or feel their nest is threatened. If you see bumblebees on your property, contact Defense Pest Control!

Carpenter Bee Control

Carpenter Bees are divided into two groups; large carpenter bees and small carpenter bees. The small carpenter bees are more likely to be causing disturbances and damages to your NE or NW Ohio home or business. Carpenter bees can be an assortment of colors including; black, greenish-black, metallic blue, or a purplish-blue. The males can sometimes have yellow sections on their faces. They both have yellow hairs, but not nearly as dense as Bumblebees. Carpenter bees, like most bees, feed on the nectar and plant pollens. They do, however; bore into wood, not to consume but to construct their nests. They will excavate dry, unfinished, or unpainted, weathered wooden materials such as; doors, windowsills, railings, decks, roof eaves, fences, poles, and outdoor furniture. They are more attracted to pine, fir, Cyprus, oak, and redwood. Painted materials can be subject to their destruction if it’s fairly old and weathered. Male bees do not sting but will show more aggressive behavior if their nests are encroached on, the females can sting but rarely do as they are more docile and will only sting if necessary.

Bald-Faced & European Hornet Removal Service

Hornets only comprise of about twenty species throughout the world. Bald-faced hornets and European hornets are the more common intruders. European hornets are not inclined to attack unless they feel their nest is compromised. They generally construct their papery nests in secluded areas high and out of reach. Hollow trees, attics, porches, and inside wall voids are more to their liking. Bald-faced hornets manifest more aggressive behavior and appear to look similar to the yellow jacket; they have distinct whitish hairs covering their face and most of their body. They too like the higher places for the nests, hollowed trees, tree branches and bushes are more likely.

Yellowjacket Wasp Control & Nest Removal

Yellowjackets initially are mistaken for bees, but if you take a second look, they have slender bodies, not as much hair, and do not have expanded hind legs. Yellowjackets are a breed of wasp and are considered more beneficial as they are pollinators, and will devour flies, beetle grubs, and other harmful pests. But they are also scavengers and can be seen picking over picnic left-overs such as; meat, fish and sugary delicacies. Yellowjackets prefer close proximity to the ground for the nests; they will build their nests under porches and steps, sidewalk cracks, and the base of trees. They can deliver multiple and painful stings but are usually only aggressive in the defense of their colony.

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