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spider control in cleveland

Spider Control & Extermination
in Cleveland & Surrounding Areas

While spiders, in general, are good for the environment and act as a natural pesticide, most homeowners would still prefer to prevent them from entering their home and creating unsightly webs on the exterior of the property.

Cleveland Spider Control & Extermination

Since 2005, Defense Pest Control has been servicing residential homes and commercial businesses throughout Cleveland, and across Northwest and Northeast Ohio. We are fully insured and licensed to protect the locals from dangerous and destructive pests. Taking advantage of exclusive professional-grade equipment and products our certified experts advanced training and experience can give you a 100% guaranteed satisfaction on all of our services.

If you have unwelcomed spiders around your business, home or property, trust in Defense Pest Control and our spider control service to alleviate the presence of spiders from your building. We can quickly and efficiently exterminate any infestations, and with our routine maintenance, hinder their intrusions. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

30 day gaurantee pest control

Spider Species in Ohio

Spider control is important amongst the locals. Where some spiders are highly beneficial to reduce many of the other invading insects, few can rest easy knowing there are spiders lurking in the shadows. But with over 600 species known to travel throughout Ohio, it can be difficult to know what spiders are useful and prefer not to have them intruding in your Greater Cleveland, NW, and NE Ohio area home or business. With that in mind, there are only two found in close proximity or within your commercial building, or residential home, that are venomous, the black widow and the brown recluse.

Venomous Black Widow Spider Identification & Bites

The black widow spider is notoriously known to many since childhood. The males are harmless and generally smaller than the females. Males do not carry the red hour-glass shape alerting folks of the danger venomous female black widow spiders possess. Generally, black widow spiders are not aggressive, and will only bite if they have no escape and feel threatened. Not only do the females carry the distinctive red or sometimes yellow or orange hourglass shape, but they appear to be a shiny black color. The female’s abdomen is also rounder than males. The black widow generally constructs her sleek and durable web, which typically measures a foot wide, in dark garages, old sheds, and other structures, or other undisturbed places. If they should stick to the outdoors, you can find her nestling in abandoned animal burrows, in stumps, or behind or within woodpiles. If you are bitten by a black widow you can expect excruciating pain, swelling, redness, abdominal discomfort, headaches, and sweating. Severe symptoms of her bite can include; high blood pressure, chest pains, vomiting, nausea, respiratory issues. Though black widow spiders produce a substantial amount of venom, they cannot deliver large quantities in one bite, and less than 1% of fatal bites are documented. But with a black widow bite, it is important to seek medical care and treatment to ease the burdens of the symptoms until the venom has dissipated.

Venomous Brown Recluse Spider Identification & Bites

The brown recluse spider is brown with a discernible violin-shape marking on its head. The brown recluse has similar places it likes to call home as the black widow, but if it makes it inside your home seeking warmth, they are more attracted to the clutter messes left undisturbed and in dark hiding places. They will often burrow into clothing especially, which is why many people find themselves bit, as they feel threatened with being touched as you put on said clothing. Brown recluse spider bites are more commonly fatal in young children and the elderly. Their symptoms include much of the same with the black widow, and as the black widow's bite, medical treatment is highly recommended.

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