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commercial pest control in cleveland

Commercial Pest Control in Cleveland & Surrounding Areas

It’s vital to provide your customers, employees, and yourself with a clean, pest-free environment. You can trust the professionals at Defense Pest Control to keep your business safe.

Commercial Pest Control Service of Greater Cleveland, OH

At Defense Pest Control, our knowledgeable pest control technicians have the experience and understanding to service every industry. Each facility has its only challenges and its own special requirements, our technicians receive the extensive training that is needed to provide you with the customized service you have come to know and expect.

Common Types of Commercial Applications Include:

  • Restaurants

  • Hotels

  • Food & Beverage

  • Healthcare

  • Manufacturing

  • Educational Facilities

  • Property Management

  • Office Buildings

  • And More

Defense Pest Control stands behind our work. We're proud to offer a 30-day warranty on all applications. You can put your trust in Defense Pest Control.

30 day gaurantee pest control

Commercial Pest Control in Greater Cleveland, OH

At Defense Pest Control, we are committed to taking care of any potential threats to your restaurant. We understand how important it is that you receive an excellent report when it comes to sanitation and safety, and because of this commitment, our customized restaurant pest control service is specially designed to take care of your complete pest control needs.

At Defense Pest Control we understand that an effective hotel pest control plan is essential for your business. Our qualified technicians will take into account the particular needs of each area of the hotel, from the laundry rooms, food preparation areas, guest rooms, and even the hotel grounds.

Food & Beverage Industry
At Defense Pest Control, our experienced pest control technicians use an integrated pest management plan that practices the use of the least toxic pest control methods available. Our goal is to ensure that your facility will meet the health, safety, and general guidelines mandated by federal and local health codes.

A pest or rodent problem in a health care facility can have devastating results. Hospitals, nursing homes, dental offices, and other types of health care centers require specialized pest control and management programs. At Defense Pest Control our comprehensive pest and rodent control programs are designed to safely protect long term residents, patients, and employees from the harmful effects of pests and rodents.

Careful planning is required for our commercial customers especially those in manufacturing and warehousing. At Defense Pest Control our customized pest solutions are designed to remove the infestation and stop it from reoccurring. This will ensure that the flow of your business is continuous without the fear of disturbances caused by unwanted pests and rodents. If you operate a warehouse or any other type of manufacturing business, our pest control programs are crucial to your overall success.

Educational Facilities
At Defense Pest Control we understand that educational facilities include schools, daycare centers, and student housing all high-risk areas that can be exposed to a wide range of pests and rodent infestations. Our pest control programs require treating a variety of different areas including food service, classrooms, and public spaces. Our comprehensive pest control programs examine the factors that attract bugs, insects, and rodents and our maintenance programs are designed to keep pests out.

Commercial Properties
At Defense Pest Control we understand that commercial property managers have a responsibility to ensure that the property they are caring for is safe for their tenants. As a result, the experienced pest control technicians at Defense Pest Control are committed to helping you satisfy your responsibility. Keep your environment safe from pests and rodents once and for all with our customized pest control programs that are designed to keep your commercial property free of insects and other pests.

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