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pantry pest control in cleveland

Pantry Pest Extermination in Cleveland & Surrounding Areas

Pantry pests are those sneaky critters who just love to snack on your food before you do. Trust Defense Pest Control to keep you and your food safe from these free-loading, six-legged samplers.

How to Get Rid of Pantry Pests; Bugs, Beetles, Weevils, Moths

Defense Pest Control is completely licensed and insured to supply commercial businesses and residential homes of Greater Cleveland as well as Northeast and Northwest Ohio with pest control services, and we been doing so since 2005. We are committed to bringing our customers with an exceptional experience by not only delivering superior quality workmanship but also upholding high moral standards and work ethics as well as applying friendly customer service. Defense Pest Control technicians possess advanced and ongoing training, years of valuable experience, and extraordinary skills in all aspects of pest control that is amplified with the use of premium quality products and equipment sold only to licensed professionals to ensure our valued customers get maximum results.

If you notice your commercial or residential pantry in Greater Cleveland, as well as Northeast and Northwest Ohio, is contaminated by any sort of pests, contact Defense Pest Control today for extermination, control, and removal!

30 day gaurantee pest control

Types of Pantry Pests from Indian Meal Moths and Weevils to Flour Beetles & More

Pantry pests can pose a great problem to residential and even commercial customers in Greater Cleveland as well as Northeast and Northwest Ohio. There are quite a few forms of pests that infiltrate your pantry. Common species include:

  • Indian meal moths

  • Bean weevils

  • Granary, rice and maize weevils

  • Cigarette and drugstore beetles

  • Dermestid beetles

  • Flour beetles

  • Sawtoothed grain beetles

  • Spider beetles and more

Preventing Pantry Pest Infestations

Most often than not, the beetles, weevils, and moths that are found in your pantry are brought in from the food source. That is – the pests are already in the food when you purchase it at the grocery store. The good news is that pantry pests can be dealt with by professionals to prevent your other food from being tainted by the pantry pests.

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