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bed bug control in Cleveland

Bed Bug Treatment in Cleveland & Surrounding Areas

You begin your morning and end your evening every day in your bed. Make sure you aren’t sharing it with any harmful bed bugs. Instead of waiting until it’s too late, contact us at Defense Pest Control when you see the first sign of bed bugs.

Bed Bug Visual & Canine Inspections in Cleveland

Bed Bugs have been plaguing man with their insidious ways for quite some time. A once thriving epidemic, bed bugs were a serious problem, until just after WWII. Through trial and error, professionals finally discovered the formula to eradicate the blood suckers with just the right pesticides. Bed bugs were still around, but their numbers were significantly dropped, and man had won the war. But in recent decades, with the ease of worldwide traveling and public conveniences (and the banning of some pesticides), bed bugs are becoming a major epidemic in commercial businesses and residential homes. Fortunately Defense Pest Control is on the case serving the good folks of Ohio!

Signs Bed Bugs are Present:

  • Red and itchy bite marks are typically found aligned in a row of three bites, on your exposed body, most frequently found on the arms, shoulders, and legs.

  • Tiny rusty spots of dried blood are found on or near your sheets.

  • Reddish mounds are found on nonporous material and reddish stains are found on porous surfaces. These little gifts are fecal matter left behind the bed bugs.

  • A distinct pungent odor emits from their presence, smelling liken of a musty wet towel.

Defense Pest Control is licensed and insured to perform all matters of pest control services. Our technicians have advanced training in bed bugs and specialize in performing superior inspections in Ohio commercial business and residential homes, along with efficient extermination. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and are passionate to help our valued customers.

30 day gaurantee pest control

What Are Bed Bugs & Where Do They Hide?

Bed bugs are very tiny, flat, roundish, and brown in color; however, just after eating their bloody meal, they get bloated and look redder. As with the nursery rhyme, bed bugs will infest the bed in search of their next banquet; a warm-blooded host. Being nocturnal, they come out to eat while you slumber. In smaller numbers, they usually stick close to the food source and hide throughout your bed. This includes the headboard, frame, box spring, mattress (especially on the sides, seams, and divots), and in the bedding. As their population grows, and it does quickly, they will spread out in the room; under baseboards, door frames, window frames and curtains, outlets and light switch plates, in furnishings and anywhere they feel secure. If left to fester, bed bug infestations can spill throughout the home, or into other apartments. If you suspect bed bugs it is optimal to call Defense Pest Control as soon as possible to let our certified and expert staff inspect and exterminate bed bugs in you Ohio home or business.

Where Do Bed Bug Infestations Come From?

Bed bugs infestations can happen quickly, despite the cleanliness of your home or business. They have been found on airplanes, trains, buses and other public transportation. Bed bugs are also found inside offices and other buildings, especially those servicing the public, medical facilities, movie theaters, restaurants, lodging establishments, schools, houses, apartments, and anywhere else where people might be. The bed bugs usually hitch a ride unknowingly through luggage, but can easily wander into folds of clothing. Once bed bugs get introduced into a home, they can go unnoticed due to their tiny stature and nocturnal nature. But their numbers can quickly flourish.

Bed Bug Chemical & Heat Treatments

Defense Pest Control offers a comprehensive bed bug removal program that includes chemical treatments as well as effective Green Heat Technology treatments. Our chemical treatments include only EPA registered products labeled for bed bugs including mattresses, furniture, carpets and crack and crevice treatments. Our chemical treatment includes breaking down all bed frames to treat any cracks and crevices that a bed bug may be hiding in. Dressers get inspected and treated inside and out if needed. All furniture in the room including the mattress, box spring and frame will be thoroughly shop vacuumed before any treatment, along with any carpeting. All outlets and switch plates in any room infested are also removed and an EPA registered dust labeled for bed bugs is applied to help prevent in the spread of the bed bugs through wall outlets. Defense Pest Control owns Green Heat Technology equipment that include electric & propane heaters and fans along with all the proper monitoring equipment. Although heat is a more expensive method in the treatment of bed bugs it is a highly effective green treatment option that may be right for you.

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